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Summer Camps

Campers play a variety of games, sports, and activities throughout the day. We strive to provide an environment where campers feel safe, stay active, have fun, and make friends!



This is a camper favorite... Robin Hood and Catniss beware! Due to popular demand, Archery is back! We are excited to have our campers safely learn the proper techniques of archery as well as try their skills on several targets. This is a fun and engaging way for our youth to practice their hand-eye coordination.


We are thrilled to have Soccer and Basketball coaches with us every week this year! If your camper is interested in learning the basics of soccer or basketball, or wants to improve their skills and drills, there will be plenty of opportunity.


Not only will your camper get to ride horses and hold some chickens, they will also get to learn how to saddle and properly care for the horses and chickens. 

Chef's Kiss

Whether it’s delicious no-bake pies or baking with the eggs from our chickens, we can’t wait for our camper chefs to wash their hands and get cracking in the kitchen!

Ninja Warrior

Our low ropes course and obstacle course is waiting to see who is the zippiest in the bunch! We will have plenty of different methods for these campers to zig and zag their way through the course, showing off their ninja skills.

Fine Art

Fine Art activities may include a crafting project, such as sewing or knitting. It may also be digital photography or working with our theater leaders on a skit that can be performed at the end of the week. 

Wilderness Adventure

No camp is complete without a wilderness adventure element! Take a walk with our resident geologist to learn about the beauty of nature, go on a scavenger hunt using a compass, learn the importance of building shelters, and crack open a geode at the end.


Campers may get an incredible opportunity working in a modern FAB LAB (digital fabrication laboratory) watching the digital printer at work or creating their own bumper stickers. Campers may also get a digital photography tutorial and become our very own camp journalists!

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