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Frequently Asked Questions

*Details about camp can be found here

Can children use their cellphones to call home while they’re at camp?

Driving into camp, you will notice a sign that reflects our aspiration for campers: “At Camp Grace, we unplug so we can really connect.” To this end, we are a screen-free camp, and devices with screens are strictly prohibited. This includes phones, tablets, kindles, iPods, cameras, handheld game systems, and all other devices with screens. Any camper using a cell phone (or a device to access the internet) will have the device confiscated and returned after camp. If there is a second violation, the camper will be suspended for a day. Parents will be required to pick up and return the camper at their parents’ expense.The camp policy regarding campers calling home is based on the understanding that phone calls can be the most challenging form of contact for campers. Our camp environment is a happy, self-contained community. Phone calls often create a sudden intrusion causing campers to experience feelings that override the good intentions that motivated the phone call. Hearing a parent's voice can be difficult even for a well-adjusted camper. So, we do not encourage phone calls. *Unless a call has been scheduled by parents, campers are not allowed to call home. *You can always call the office to check in on how your camper is doing, and our unit heads are always available to update you about your camper's progress.

What happens if my child has an injury?

At Camp Grace, the safety and well-being of our campers and staff are the priority. We know injuries could happen at anytime and anywhere, this is why every staff member is taught to handle a medical emergency the same way. We also have Registered Nurses staffed to handle medical situations. In addition, parents/guardians are communicated for any injury to the face/head, if a camper needs off-site medical care, or if they are taken out of participating for longer than 2 hours.

Who are the camp counselors?

Our camp counselors are young adults who love the outdoors and kids! Each counselor has their background checked and has a fingerprint clearance card.

What if my child has allergies?

Epi-pens and other forms of medication will be checked in upon arrival. Please let us know about any food/environmental allergies on the registration form.

What is not included in the cost of camp?

- Transportation to and from the camp (with the exception of overnight camp which has the bus with pickup and drop-off location)

- Snacks/Drinks from the camp snack shack

- Camp apparel (except for camp t-shirt) and merchandise

What does the cost of camp include?

- 3 meals per day
- Cabin lodging
- Daily coaching
- Access to camp/training facilities
- Recreational activities

How are bunks assigned?

Campers are separated by age and sex. Typically, depending on the size of the camp bunkmates will be within 2 years of age with each other. Each bunkhouse has 10 bunks. No counselors/adults sleep in the bunks with the campers. 

How do you perform a lice check?

Lice checks are a quick check of each camper's scalp as they check in to camp.

What is said during orientation about appropriate relationships?  

Here at camp, high-fives, back-slaps, etc., are acceptable, but we let our campers know that there is no kissing, hand-holding, etc., allowed at camp. Campers are never allowed in a bunk of the opposite sex. We respect personal space, so if someone asks for space, campers must listen and respect that. There is never a reason for a counselor to be one-on-one with a camper. 

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