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Camp Fire Marshmallows

Elevate Summer Camps at Camp Grace

Elevating Leadership, Performance and Adventure


About Elevate Summer Camps

Arizona’s BEST Summer Camps!

Since 1953, Camp Grace has been the premier location for summer youth camps. Last year we teamed up with Project Elevate and AZ on Track to create the most innovative and adventurous FREE camps in Arizona. We use several experiential adventure activities to bring out their innate traits and personality while coaching them to reach their highest potential. 

This year we are hoping the Governor's Summer Camp Initiative grant comes through again but in the meantime you have the ability to register for camp for a subsidized rate!

Day Camp $295/session

Overnight Camp $995/session


“It turns out that grit predicts performance better than IQ or innate talent. Grit makes our kids productive and successful because it allows them to reach their long-term goals despite life’s inevitable setbacks. This ability to overcome challenges makes them stronger and more masterful at their tasks. Moreover, the ability to cope with difficulty – to be resilient – paves the way for long-term happiness.”

-Christine Carter, “Why I Send my Kids to Camp: It Grows their Grit”

If you are interested in a potential scholarship opportunity, please fill out form here.



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